Find out below how to launch a website with TOOL Premium.

Register your DOMAIN.

Find and secure the perfect domain for your website project.

Activate TOOL.

Log into the Admin Panel and assign the new TOOL Sitebuilder to your domain.

Select a design theme.

Choose a design template that works best with your branding, project or style.

Create your website.

Craft your website from head to toe (from header to footer) by using preconfigured content blocks.

Nice, to see you online.

Some useful tipps on how to find the perfect balance of content and design.

We are here for you.

Contact our friendly helpdesk for any questions and further information.



Register a domain address.

Swizzonic offers over 500 domain extensions, from bestsellers to industry-related or creative endings.
Find the perfect domain for your website project and spread your uniqueness with your internet address.

How to determine a good domain name:
1) KISS = Keep It Short and Simple. Short names are more likely to be remembered.
2) Clarify existing trademark rights to avoid any litigation.
3) Avoid similarity to names that already exist.
4) Avoid special characters and hyphens.


Activate TOOL

Once you’ve registered your domain(s) at Swizzonic, log into your user account and admin panel, where you can assign the TOOL Sitebuilder to the domain that you wish to associate your website with.

TOOL Basic
Swizzonic offers every domain holder free access to the Basic Version of the Sitebuilder. TOOL Basic already enables you to launch a light website with two content pages. Launch the basic editor, scroll through the design themes, choose one and start creating a light version of your website.

TOOL Premium
The full version TOOL Premium offers you an unlimited amount of content and pages. You can always upgrade to TOOL Basic. Note: If you already launched a website with an older version of TOOL (Before September 2019) then contact our helpdesk before upgrading your website and sitebuilder to the new Premium Version.


Select a design theme

TOOL currently offers a beautiful selection of 40 design templates. Might not sound a lot but thanks to the customizable content block library, every design templates can easily be turned into infinite variations of webdesigns. Hence your site remains unique, just like you!

Getting started: Select one design template, open the content block library and arrange blocks from header to footer. Check out our video tutorials for more detailed explanation on how to handle the content library and how to modify single elements within a content block.

Please note:
Once you decided on a template, a spontaneous change of theme is currently not available. Our helpdesk assists you in case you wish to change a design template afterwards. We also recommend you, to save all your content like text & graphics locally on your device.


Create your website

Enjoy an intuitive and responsive user interface on all devices. All editor functions are fully available on each device - whether Computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

Fill your page with pre-configured content-blocks. Open the block library by tipping the "blue plus" symbol.

From PC:  Move the cursor across the screen until the blue plus symbol appears in the middle of the template. Click on the symbol to open the content-block library.

Via Mobile/Tablet: Tap on the screen for the blue plus symbol to appear and start adding content blocks to your template.


Nice, to see you online.

We recommend you three key rules for creating an attractive and successful website in order to meet today’s usability and design standards.

  1. HICK'S LAW: Hick's law says that the more decisions an individual has, the longer it will take to make a decision. Means for you: Prioritize information and reduce the number of Call-To-Action buttons, unnecessary clicks and drop downs.

  2. LESS IS MORE: Don't distract from your content and avoid graphical overload. Graphic elements (photos, colors, shapes) are helpful for your branding but just don’t over-do things. Google studies show that visitors can't do much with a visually overloaded website and also perceive less as "beautiful".

  3. WHITESPACE: Aka Negative Space, a term derived from the visual arts, whitespace is the unmarked distance between different elements that gives viewers some visual breaks when they process design, minimizing distractions and making it easier to focus.


We are here for you.

Contact our helpdesk team if you have any questions regarding the new Sitebuilder and in particular if one of those two cases applies to you:

  1. Website with the "old" TOOL: You have already launched a website with the older version of TOOL (Pre-September 2019) and would like to upgrade to the new TOOL. We recommend you to contact our Helpdesk before upgrading to the new TOOL.

  2. Change design template with the "new" TOOL: Also contac tour helpdesk in case you have chosen a design theme and filled in some content BUT you wish to change your design theme. Please backup all your content on your device and contact our Helpdesk for further technical assistance.



Get in touch with our friendly helpdesk for more information and help regarding the Sitebuilder, Webshop or any other Swizzonic related products and services.
Our helpdesk is available by phone from Monday to Friday, 8 -12 am and 1 – 6 pm.
Kindly feel free to contact us also through following email if you prefer to write us.