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Introducing the latest Sitebuilder-Technology for a new generation.

SitEbuilder INNOVATION "TOOL Premium"

Imagine websites so intuitive,
they practically build themselves.

Experience the fastest and most stylish way of building a website.
Newest user technology and state-of-the-art features reduces your own effort down to
what really counts - simply a nice website.


The smartest Sitebuilder-Technology for your easiest way online.
Create and launch a modern website in no time with TOOL's smart design editor,
who automatically adds a professional and responsive style to your page.
- Absolutely no programming,  graphic or design skills necessary -


Nice to see you online. 

Choose one design theme and add your personality.

Beautiful  portfolio of 40 contemporary website templates, covering a wide array of needs and purposes.

Each template comes with an abundant selection of pre-configured content-blocks. Drag-and-Drop as many content-blocks as you want AND don’t worry about the overall look of your page during all those changes.

TOOL’s intelligent style editor automatically maintains the holistic design principle of your template.



It’s your story - You can always change it.

Whether personal portfolio, hobby page, professional business site or online shop - everything is possible.

From Header to Footer - From A to Z.
A diverse selection of ready-made content blocks covers every need and aspect of your website. Just drag-and-drop your desired block content from the block library into your template.

Enjoy Freedom of Content.
Not only can you add, move and delete content blocks as much and often as you want within the template. You can also adjust the display option of every single element within each content block.


Content is King.

Control your wireframe like Professional’s do.

A successful website today thrives by structure and content.
TOOL’s modular Sitebuilder approach with preconfigured content-blocks empowers a solid website structure. It's comprehensive content-block library supports and inspires you to compose the right frame and message for your website and audience.

Every design theme offeres a design-associated content-block library with more than hundred preconfigured blocks.
Well categorized and simple to navigate. Whether text, images, videos, galleries, shop system, contact or reservation forms. TOOL's bright selection of diverse content-block types covers every kind of information and aspect of a modern website.

   Design Excellence.
Easily Made. 

TOOL supports a variety of Easy-to-Use design functions to customize the look and feel of your website regarding fonts, colour schemes,  content-block designs, background images and various graphic elements like iconography and Call-to-Action buttons.
 Here are three of the main usability features.

Inline Text-Editing

It really has never been that easy.
All texts for your website can be inserted and formatted right on spot, means directly in the text line of the content block.

Just tap on the text field, enter your text and - if desired - right-click to adjust the text to a bold, italic or  underlined appearance.

Image Tonality

Thanks to the intelligent Editor, who blends in every customization with the tonality of your template, your design changes never gonna hurt anyone's eyes.

Uploaded images automatically inherit the stylistic properties of your chosen design template.


They say “details make the design” and we obey this design principle. A huge icon library provides you the right symbol through a simple word search. 
Every icon perfectly matches the style of your design template and colour scheme and automatically adapts to changes.


Looks good - Anyhow.
Looks great - Anywhere.

A responsive website is a must-have in today's digital world.
Experience the next level of responsiveness with TOOL. Not only will your website automatically appear responsive on all gadgets. It's even possible to create and launch your page from any device. All previously mentioned usability features and functions are also applicable in TOOL's responsive editor. Means, instead of a mouse-click on your PC or notebook, you can simply tap and tailor your website on your tablet or mobile phone screen.


TOOL Premium is brand new and now exclusively available in Switzerland by switchplus.
Give it a shot and dare to start-up your new website.
Choose your design theme and start filling as much content as you want
OR try our Quick-Start option below.



This one is dedicated to all quick Thinkers, Digital Nomads, Movers and Shakers in the world.

You have an idea - why wait? Just convert it into a domain and put it out there for the world to see. Speed up things with TOOL’s ingenious business-card option.

It’s a fast world and time is a precious commodity. Thus, we invented the fastest option to go online with style and manner. Let the world get immediately in touch with you and your idea – all that in just a few minutes.

Start by choosing a design template and selecting the business card option. Fill in the most important detail, if necessary upload a photo and press online.



TOOL Basic
  • every year
  • 2 Content Pages
  • Business One-Pager
  • Shop Basic Portfolio
    only applicable in combination with
    a domain registered at switchplus
Start Basic
TOOL Premium
  • *Special Offer valid first year
    instead of 165.-
  • Unlimited Design
  • Unlimited Content
  • only applicable in combination with
    a domain registered at switchplus

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Check out the following videos for further explanation regarding the intuitive editor, content-blocks, style options and menu bar functions.


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